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Molested on the Train

In Truth on September 23, 2010 at 17:51

I took the train to see my job coach for the first time today. I have a test tomorrow in my General Science B course so I spent my time on the train studying.

I saw an old man walking by my seat, he comes back a few minutes later and asks me if it’s okey for him to sit next to me. I look around and there were plenty of other seats empty and there’s really no need for him to sit next to me. On the other hand I didn’t have any reasons to reject him just for that. So I say “Okey” and moved my bag away from the seat.

He pretended to trip while he sat down and putted his hand on my chest, right above my breast and went “Oh, oh I’m so sorry!” while he moved his hand from my chest to my shoulder.

Of course I got surprised and really disgusted by his pathetic act. My response: “DON’T TOUCHE ME!” He flied up from the seat and walked away quickly.

I’m was just sitting there thinking “Did that really happened?” when a woman approximately around 30 came up to me.

“I saw all that, are you okey?”

“Yeah I’m fine. That was really unpleasant and gross!”

“You can come and sit with me if you want to?”

“I’m getting of next station but thank you for the offer.”

She went back to her seat after repeating her offer. I just sat there, I could still feel his hand, smooth and a bit cold, on my chest. I thought that if he’d had water on his hand then it would have been all slimy or something like that.

It took a while before I got rid of the feeling of that disgusting hand.

I had some trouble finding where my job coach office was at first but got there in time. She thought that I’m doing good and that I just should continue with what I’m doing.

I picked some leafs on my way home and found a stuffed bunny-thingy and that got me on a good mood again. I bless borderline, stuffed animals and pretty colors for that^^



I texted Tease and Kirsten and told them what happened. Kirsten didn’t say much besides: “Poor you 😦 <33” Tease got mad:

“YUK! Fucking creep! Should we kill him? Xo Damn that makes me mad. You should have kicked him in the groin and then kicked him when he was lying down. Fucking creep!”

“Too bad. But one becomes chocked, of course. I hope that someone hits him really hard next time… Yuk! Disgusting old men are just men with withered dick who can’t score. Fucking desperate… pathetic are what they are! Yuk.”

❤ to both of them.

Sam just texted me and asked me what I was doing/had been doing during the day. My response: “I’m not doing anything special right now. Otherwise today I’ve been molested on the train, meet my job coach for the first time and I picked colorful leafs and found a stuffed bunny on my way home : )” His response: “Molested on the train ??!!” I sent him the same text that I’d sent Kirsten and Tease. “Fuck I would like to be there with my uniform on. I wonder if the old fart would have dared to ‘trip’ over you then xp”

I’m going out running now, it feels so good to move^^



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